Friday, 24 September 2010

Walk on Water

Not me.

It is. Not so much walking on water, but wading through it. Stretched to miles above sea level, a colossal being steps through the water, to the west. Out to sea. I'm sitting outside a café (whoo free Internet) on the west coast of Britain; nice view of the sea.

But I know it doesn't need to. It can get wherever it wants through easier means. So what's it doing now? Going 'round the world? Showing off?

Oh, and you've all got three days to solve my recent puzzle. You've had hints before, but here is the question that you must answer.

What is it I wanted you to see?

Start at 22/09/10. Give me the dates.


  1. Should we really start on 22 September, A, or would 20 July be more helpful? Of course, something of interest may have started on 3 August 1989, and there's always the matter of

    0 9
    1 8

    An American might see that as the 18th of September, whilst a Greek plowman would see September 1981. As I suspect you and Lexi are neither, I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe it was just multiplication tables practice.

    Regardless, the important thing remains: what did you name your puppy? And what are you feeding him?

  2. I am feeding him the bodies of the damned :V Or normal dog food.

    Don't have a name for him yet. Considering something like Vivat Rex, but that's pretentious and a bit long.

  3. I'm sure it'll be a happy little puppy, with such a diverse diet. Vivat Rex also has the misfortune of sounding like "vivatrex", which could be some sort of vitamin supplement. I do like Zee, but not so much Zed--too Pulp Fiction (or Peter Greenaway). I prefer the classics, like Sunflower or Daisy or Cerberus.

  4. You know what's a fucking good dog name?


  5. From what I understand, you worship Kalek as one worships a God or Deity? Why? What is there to worship in that which destroys life and does not live at peace with it? I cannot fathom your desire to see all of humanity laid to waste by Kalek, and you are foolish to do so. Do you really think that licking his boots will gain you favor in Kalek's eyes? It is a creature without compassion or mercy, and its Minions are slaves. I just can't understand...why worship this being?

  6. 'Cause he's fucking psycho.

    Though I'm not one to talk.

  7. Kalek is a really terrible name for a dog.

  8. Vivat Rex.

    Okay how the hell is that not a clue to something? Seriously, not even a "unique" hipster would name his dog that.

    Of course I'm taking this too seriously, but still, it means "Long live (the) king" for chrissakes. Who names their dog that?!

    (anon'd so as to avoid confusion with other persons unnamed.)

  9. "Vivat rex" is usually preceded by "rex mortuus est", so that seems an appropriate choice for someone who plans to murder a godling and assume its powers. Pretentious, but appropriate.

    At least A's not going for "Homo Exilis Delenda Est", which would be quite a mouthful for a cute little puppy. I guess you could call it Heddie for short, though.

    Have you cast the die, A?

  10. Oh Fu- innocuousenough, I hope you don't mean he's gonna try and kill our tall friend (or whomever is behind it all) and take the throne.

    I mean, that'd be badass and all, but end horrible.

    (anon'd again for same reason.)

  11. That's the gist of the 20 September post, Anon. Learn from the master, then become the master. Perhaps eat a bit of the master's brain and heart along the way, assuming himself has organs.

    It really is quite a plan, as ambitious as it is mad.

  12. @innocuousenough odd, I'm actually really surprised I didn't pick up on that. Especially with him being so blatant about it. I guess I assumed Mr. Tall and Slender wouldve just killed him for thinking of it and though nothing of it.

    So right now I'm gonna go over every thing with a fine-tooth comb in case I missed anything.

  13. And while I'm on this page, if A is asking what he's describing in the post, it's probably either the sun or the moon- timing is awfully odd on the sun, nigh impossible, but the moon could very well be setting at 11:40 (AM).

  14. Sorry we let you down. I'm curious as to how a nonexistent entity can tweet, though.


    Failure: ours or A's considering the Coward's plan its hard to tell the difference. Existence: Lexi's or A's, again annoyingly hard to tell; neither have been active in a while nor has his friends.

  16. Okay, so nothing from A or Lexi for a month apart from one very cryptic twitter post from A 10 days ago. I won't pretend I'm not worried.

  17. RIP.

    Your existence itself is meaningless. Why not embrace nihility and see yourself for what you really are? A corpse that does not know it is dead yet.
    -Vivat Rex

  18. I mentioned this on A Lack of Lexicon, but did anyone else get a feeling that A and Lexi might be the same person? I mean... in the way of the blog Dreams in Darkness... with A's last tweet I fear that they might have killed themselves... hopefully not...

    If so

    RIP Lexi.

    BIH A.