Saturday, 4 September 2010

Looking out of the Window

I have, wouldn't you know, read a study that said that members of the male gender are more scared outside of things beyond a window, while women are more scared of things under their feet. Isn't that interesting? No, it isn't. Below your feet is the rumbling of the earth, and outside the window is the distortion of the sunset against the sky. You see, I'm not scared of either of those things. I've seen the floor burn from underneath my feet, I've seen the windows smashed. There's nothing to be scared of if you can come to terms with what's inside your head.

I'm getting melancholy again. I'm keeping another night vigil after last night. I'd light up a cigarette, but I want to think for a moment without having to light one of these finicky matches. I'd get a longer set, but I feel I'm wasting them then. I keep some in my bag, but those are strictly for the purposes of arson, y'know?

I do hope the police don't keep Lexi in for questioning too long. I do believe he has to pick up a prescription soon and it would be such a shame if I missed that.

Now, I've not set a puzzle in the longest time. Care to try one, good fellows?

15 51 15 42/44 11 25 15 33/11/52 11 31 52/24 33/13 11 33 31 11 43 44 15 42?


  1. You and your puzzles, A. They're actually quite wonderful, if you don't mind my saying so. Where do you get the time? Surely insomnia limits your ability to create them coherently.

    I'd take a shot at your latest little translation mystery, but I haven't the patience to find which method you're using. I'm curious what your planned repercussions are, though. Tell me—might they involve our favorite whiskey drinker?

  2. Well A, on your Twitter you offered us a hint, and said there'd be repercussions if we failed. I'm taking you up on your offer- give us a hint, A. We'd hate to bore you.

  3. @Clocky: Tick tick tick, eh? A sufficiently intelligent person can overcome any and all mental obstacles; sleep is not constantly required. And as for the repercussions... you could say that they involve the drunk~! <333~~ ;D

    @MisterBeyond: Teeheehee~~ Good to know there's someone trying to outsmart me, even if they cannot possibly succeed~! <3~ And as for my hint... hmmm~~ <3~

    "Lycortas sired a single son; that son's political musings held to 17/09/87 and beyond."

    Teehee~! <333~! Two days left~~!

  4. I've never taken a walk in Lancaster, although I suppose it might be pleasant. Perhaps an occasion for scenic photography with the occasional gutted crab.

  5. If only I weren't so bad at puzzles.