Saturday, 11 September 2010


Time for a new puzzle, ladies and gentlemen. The same rules apply as always: three days. But this time, you get no hint. That's right, no hint whatsoever! If you're all so intelligent as you claim to be, then surely you can solve this easy little thing, right~~~?

Three days. You must tell me the meaning behind this image.

Good luck~~~ Teeheeheeheehee~~~


  1. Speaking only for myself, I never claimed to be clever. I'll try to ring it out before your deadline, but I sincerely hope a bear of greater brain comes along.

  2. Seems like a substitution cipher based on that one Sherlock Holmes story.

  3. Oh, I'm a fan.

    I've pinched a few of his books from libraries over the years.

  4. It's funny how despite having a cipher and recognizing this, the Men are a bit too different from normal variations of the Dancing Men.

  5. Either several of the men look confusingly similar, or you forgot how to copy and paste, A. Hohoho.

    Hmm. Let's see—

    _ _ _ _
    _ _
    _ _ N
    _ _ _ _ _ N

    Won, ton, con, don, hon, mon, non, gun, run, fun, nun, bun, pun, sin, bin, tin, win—

    oh, this is just too different from the normal Dancing Men code for me. Flip it vertically, horizontally—it doesn't seem to get easier either way. Perhaps I'm just not paying enough attention.

  6. I just noticed the title of your post, A. Can we gather your walk in Lancaster involved making the acquaintance of a local landmark? One wonders if you met the lord of the castle while you were there.

  7. I wish I could visit the UK. You sound like you're having so much fun. *pouting*

    But alas! I am a prisoner of nightmares.

    Nighty night.


  8. A(Opposition), your -distractions- are as juvenile as you are, you -Infected Coward!-