Friday 24 September 2010

Walk on Water

Not me.

It is. Not so much walking on water, but wading through it. Stretched to miles above sea level, a colossal being steps through the water, to the west. Out to sea. I'm sitting outside a cafĂ© (whoo free Internet) on the west coast of Britain; nice view of the sea.

But I know it doesn't need to. It can get wherever it wants through easier means. So what's it doing now? Going 'round the world? Showing off?

Oh, and you've all got three days to solve my recent puzzle. You've had hints before, but here is the question that you must answer.

What is it I wanted you to see?

Start at 22/09/10. Give me the dates.

Thursday 23 September 2010

Symbols/Faith II

This was not what I was planning to do next, but it's quite important.

The Symbols

Now, I'm sure that you've all come across what I will refer to as the Operator Symbol.

What a stupid, yet brilliant, idea. Can you really believe that it is unintelligent when it's got that on it's side? It isn't important. It has no meaning. There is no little... thing that makes it special. It's not an eye, it isn't a deterrent.

Now, here's the interesting thing.

You know exactly what I meant with those two words. You don't need clarification, you didn't want to ask to be sure I meant what you were thinking of.

So brilliant. With those two words, you instantly think of that being and that symbol. And it is powered by belief, as I've said. It's kept in existence by the belief and the knowledge that it is there; I didn't elaborate on the later point before, but it's likely. And yet, you all have knowledge of it because of these words. If you saw the symbol, you'd think of that thing. Brilliant.

As I said before, the power of belief is important. And by believing that it and the symbol are associated, you create that as a fact; it becomes associated with the symbols. I created my symbol as a test; perhaps I could give it power. If I put it in all of your minds, I'd be a step closer to thinking the way it thinks. If you want to see things from another being's point of view, walk a mile in their shoes.

Even if it doesn't have shoes. Or, for that matter, view. Now, some would link the symbols to belief and think this: wait a second, some of us believe that the symbols are a repellent. Does this give them that power? An interesting point, and something to lead me to my next point.

Belief Continued - Selection

Think of this as a continuation of before. Some have stated that if belief gives it power, or if we start believing that it is something else, surely that weakens it? I believe it's stupid; does that make it stupid?

I thought about this for some time.

Now, I think I have an answer. I believe one of two things - either that the beliefs people say are not, necessarily, the things they believe. They may say they think it's stupid, but it might not be. My second is that, while belief can give it power, it can also reject that power.

This is something I am unsure of, and is purely speculation in it's contents. But I know that it's a brilliant creature; so smart, so much superior to humanity. It can't be stupid; it wouldn't allow it. No matter what people believe, I know it's not stupid. It can't be, it can't become stupid.

Yet I cannot deny that belief is important. Thus, I am led to believe that perhaps it chooses advantageous qualities from what is believed of it; I am sure you are all aware of the Darwinian theory of evolution? I believe this may be a variant of it. This being is adapting itself to it's environment, but it is a metaphysical environment, not a real one. Ergo, my theory is that belief empowers it, and it chooses what defines it; it chooses a look which stays in the mind, which is powerful.

This explains why it's so associated with the Operator Symbol and the many myriad terms people associate with it; these things... think of them as memetic qualities. After all, it's adapting to a metaphysical environment; it makes itself a perfect target for the meme to spawn from. A meme plague, if you will - so many evocative things, things that stick in the mind.

How brilliant of it. Just, just... I am amazed. I wouldn't like to face that thing in chess, that's for sure. And I'm pretty good at it.

Anyway, that's all for today. I'm on the move again; my puppy is definitely worth keeping for the company. Nobody annoys you when you have a dog; and when it's as small as it, I can always put it in my back-bag to be safe.

Oh, and seeing it eat it's way through dog food is just adorable. <3333~~~~~

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Tick. Tick.


You didn't follow my advice... now you don't see anything of import...

Tuesday 21 September 2010


This was not going to be my first post on the topic of my thoughts on the topic of the Slender Man, but my first thoughts turned out to be highly reliant on this concept.

Now, here are the tenants of my thoughts.

Belief Defines The Properties

This is important; many others have gained this insight. Compare the stories of the being from his first recorded instances and what you know today: people in the sixteenth century would either fear or respect the armoured knights. As a result, what they saw was, in essence, a knight with the skills to fight for a hundred knights.

Now, let us bring this to the modern day. The design of the suit is curious; I'm not sure whether anyone really fears the suit itself, and it definitely does not have the properties that armour does. The facelessness is simple enough: we are afraid of the unknown, of the darkness. A person you can't read is a personality you cannot identify with. But the suit is important; most people recognise the suit first, the facelessness second. I theorise that this may be the fault of the person who posted it to SomethingAwful; he created the being in the suit, and the suit become associated with it.

Now, the multiple arms. Those are an interesting point; after all, who would not love to have an extra pair of hands? My hypothesis rests on the fact that they are not hands; they're closer to hooks than anything. However, the belief that defines this property is the fear of something not being what you think it is. I've read some LiveJournal things, and I've heard that a lot of people mistake random people for their parents (I don't have this problem, since I don't meet a lot of random people who's skin is a patina of burns) and fear doing this; the same applies here. The facelessness is contributed to by this; from behind, it could easily appear to be a normal man from behind. The hooks and the facelessness are in place to reveal that it is not what it appears to be.

One could consider the facelessness, the hooks and the suit to be a modern equivalent of the armoured knight it once was. The armour could be thought of as a uniform; people wearing it became uniform. The helmet hid it's face, providing the facelessness aspect; the tales that its arms were lances became the hooks. The suit, of course, is uniform of sorts and thus replaced the armour.

Now, some would pick the hole in the theory that Victor Surge would not know about the monster; this is correct. I theorise that the being we call the Slender Man might not be a single being, but rather a collection of beings, but no two are alike. This may be the reason why the knight became the businessman; it's possible that they may not be the same being. But both the knight and the businessman have one connotation, and this takes me onto my next point.

But that is for another day, I think~! I had fun typing this, by the way~!

Also: this family has a nice set of candles. I'll be sure to burn them down to nothing by the time they're back next week.

Monday 20 September 2010


I am sure that you have all worked out the one basic truth in this world.

There is no justice. At all. No matter where you look.

It doesn't matter what you do, what you say, what you strive for. In the end, the bastards win and that's okay. This is something I have learnt and have accepted as the most basic of facts; I have ingrained it into my psychology for years. The only way to work your way up in this world is to be a bastard. Being a good, kind, caring person will get you nowhere except under the heels of those who aren't.

Where you are born means everything. Who you are born as defines who you will be. Society is designed to restrict free-thinking and encourages stagnation; maintaining the status quo is the most important thing. Some people get nothing, others get everything handed to them on a silver plate.

The only solace is that I will be dead before the current way that humans live wipes them out.

There is no point in fighting the flow of the river. It will just keep going, and going, and going... there is no point in trying to make your mark on the world, for time and human endeavour will destroy you and all memories of you that ever existed. You will merely be a faded record, and nothing of significance. As if you ever were something of significance.

These are the basic things that life is based on. I have had mobs out the window and the floor burning beneath me, and I wasn't afraid. Fear is a paralytic. Fear is weak.

Anger creates actions. Anger is strength. And I am so very angry at the world.

And now I have met the most fantastic person. He is oh so much smarter than you are, oh so much stronger. He will outlast us all and you can't do a thing to stop him.

I am sure you know who he is.

I have only one aspiration. To look at him and to learn from him. To research, to gather information, to learn more. I intend to gather as much information as possible. I will decipher his secrets and use them for my own advantage.

This is all in accordance with the belief that a person must make their own way in the world. I am forging my own identity by becoming one with the greatest being to have ever lived; and soon, he shall be the greatest being to ever die. I shall become like a god.

"In Me, I Trust."

I feel so much better having got this off my chest~! No puzzles today, sorry~~~! I've just got a few new sets of bruises, so those have been occupying my time. So, so, so sorry! Maybe next time~~~~?

Saturday 11 September 2010


Time for a new puzzle, ladies and gentlemen. The same rules apply as always: three days. But this time, you get no hint. That's right, no hint whatsoever! If you're all so intelligent as you claim to be, then surely you can solve this easy little thing, right~~~?

Three days. You must tell me the meaning behind this image.

Good luck~~~ Teeheeheeheehee~~~

Saturday 4 September 2010

Looking out of the Window

I have, wouldn't you know, read a study that said that members of the male gender are more scared outside of things beyond a window, while women are more scared of things under their feet. Isn't that interesting? No, it isn't. Below your feet is the rumbling of the earth, and outside the window is the distortion of the sunset against the sky. You see, I'm not scared of either of those things. I've seen the floor burn from underneath my feet, I've seen the windows smashed. There's nothing to be scared of if you can come to terms with what's inside your head.

I'm getting melancholy again. I'm keeping another night vigil after last night. I'd light up a cigarette, but I want to think for a moment without having to light one of these finicky matches. I'd get a longer set, but I feel I'm wasting them then. I keep some in my bag, but those are strictly for the purposes of arson, y'know?

I do hope the police don't keep Lexi in for questioning too long. I do believe he has to pick up a prescription soon and it would be such a shame if I missed that.

Now, I've not set a puzzle in the longest time. Care to try one, good fellows?

15 51 15 42/44 11 25 15 33/11/52 11 31 52/24 33/13 11 33 31 11 43 44 15 42?